Yard Waste Disposal/Drop Off

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Yard Waste/bulk

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$10 cu yd




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2 ft stump: $25
4 ft stump: $50
6 ft stump: $75

Already Shredded Material

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$5 cu yd

RMN High Shot

Disposal Instructions:

  • Enter via Basik Drive and stop at Call Station
  • Call office from Call Station, who will open the gate
  • Follow Signs to Recycle Center office
  • Stop at office to have load measured and pay bill
  • Dispose of material as directed


If the bill needs to be modified after the disposals is made to handle additional fees, the driver can stop by the office on the way out for a revised copy of the invoice.
Yard Waste Disposal/Drop Off Services in Naples, FL

Yard Waste Disposal/Drop Off Services in Naples, FL

Do you have too much yard waste and don’t know where to get rid of it in Naples, FL? Is your waste being turned away because it contains stumps? Our yard waste disposal company is here to help you get rid of all that landscaping waste hassle-free.

Yard Waste Drop-Off

We understand that not everyone can transport their yard waste to a disposal facility, so we offer convenient yard waste drop-off services in Naples, FL. Bring your landscaping waste to our location, and our team will cover the rest. It’s quick, easy, and helps you maintain a tidy outdoor space without effort.

Our yard waste disposal company is committed to environmentally friendly practices. All the yard waste we collect is properly sorted and processed for recycling, ensuring that as little as possible is in the landfill. Not only are you keeping your outdoor space clean, but you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Don’t let landscaping waste ruin the beauty of your property. Contact us today to learn more about our yard waste disposal and drop-off services in Naples, FL, and let our team handle all your yard waste needs.
Yard Waste Drop-Off
Access to the facility is monitored and regulated
Access to the facility is monitored and regulated
We are a highly secure specialized recycling facility located at the north end of The Hide Storage Park in Naples, Florida. Access to the facility is monitored and regulated. Please call our office at 239-452-2839 if you have any questions
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